Nirosa Ingeniería collaborates in the design and implementation of some of the food safety measures that Calidad Pascual develops in its facilities of Aranda de Duero in a program that calls “Food Defense”. This term arose in the United States to ensure the protection of food products against adulteration intended by biological, chemical or physical agents.

The implementation process in Calidad Pascual has begun with a multi-annual plan of actions that include aspects such as controls of people access to the industrial complex, control of entry of vehicles in the facilities, and in general, different measures of security for food protection. That is why it is currently carrying out works to reform the access of vehicles to the industrial complex located in Aranda de Duero. These works, which will be developed over the next few days, consist of refurbishing access to the factory from the La Aguilera road, separating the entrance of light vehicles from the rest of the heavy vehicles that supply the complex (trucks and tankers). milk).

All this work has been developed, designed and directed during the construction by Nirosa Ingeniería, including the different public administrations and the many services affected permits.