Pascual has carried out a revamping of the packing and packaging lines of its Whole, Semi and Skimmed milks, thanks to which the new “Edge” briks include a new stopper that opens in a single step, making it simpler and more comfortable its opening; in addition these briks are presented in a grouping in a cardboard box of 6 units that continues with the commitment of the brand to be more sustainable.

Nirosa has assisted Pascual, both in the design and project phase, and in the execution phase of the works. In particular, Nirosa has been in charge of engineering for the adaptation of the energy services of the lines and the coordination of the works. These improvements are accompanied by a restyling of the Pascual brand in all its categories. New direct and differential image of the `brik ‘, the work of the graphic designer Enric Aguilera, in which the raw material, milk, is located in the center of the message, to gain prominence in the mind of the consumer.

Pascual continues to support its Environmental Impact Plan, with this new high-percentage container of plant-based materials, making the container a 100% recyclable and eco-friendly product. And it cannot be otherwise, Nirosa meets and exceeds the strictest environmental management standards. For this reason, it bases its management system on the ISO 14001 standard, aware that our actions can help to improve the environment, through specific management programs aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our activity.