When we talk about making good wine, nature is the best ally. This is something Dominio del Águila knows very well since almost 10 years ago, its founder, Jorge Monzón, began to make wine with D.O. “Ribera del Duero”, with exceptional results.

Currently, Dominio del Águila is undertaking an ambitious investment project for the construction of a winery that combines tradition with modernity and, above all, respects nature and makes use of everything it can bring to the wine.

In order for this challenge to materialize in a reality, Dominio del Águila has relied on the wide knowledge, professionalism and good work of Nirosa. Not in vain, the realization of more than a dozen wineries in the Ribera del Duero, endorse their experience.

Nirosa accepts the challenge, under the EPCM (Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management) format, and always in the hands of the property, a winery is conceived consisting of four vaulted volumes buried and attached to each other, capable of mimicking the environment composed by Old vineyards and lands dotted with solitary oaks.

Design of the winery respecting nature

The winery has been designed, from a deep respect to nature, to take advantage of everything that this can bring us. In this way, the natural forces will be used for the introduction of the grapes in the winemaking depots, since the clusters will fall by gravity to these, thanks to the holes that will be arranged in the upper part of the vaults

On the other hand, the optimal conditions of temperature and humidity for the aging of the wine will be obtained thanks to the own conception of the buried construction and to the systems of controlled ventilation that have been designed.

With these premises, the new winery ensures the obtaining of a highest quality wine, and Dominio del Águila and Nirosa toast for it.